One thought on “The Journey Begins

  1. Compassion fatigue has made most of the nurses during corona virus to forget about themselves and focus on their patient. They devoted their time and energy to save their client in any way possible during the outbreak. I have seen compassion fatigue in some of the nurses at the place i work. This lady went above and beyond to make sure that her patients had masks, and her fellow workers PPE so that her patient could be taken care of during shortage of items for healthcare workers. she would even go to dunkin donuts to buy coffee and donuts for the patients and staff. She always answer the call bell, made sure her patients are well taken care of. during the high peek of the virus in our facility, she was always there when people call out, and you could see that she was tired but she kept on pushing herself just for her patients and staff. she ended up getting the virus but she was taken care of during her time off. We bought food, cleaning supplies, and other things for her during her time away from the job. She made it through and when she came back, she focus on herself and her patients at the same time.


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