Review of the Three Philosophical Worldviews

Author Professor Kirby

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Our discussion today will be on the three philosophical worldviews: the Reaction, the Reciprocal Reaction, and the Simultaneous Action Worldviews. The Reaction Worldview is primarily focused on the disease process and healing the physical ailment. The Reciprocal Reaction Worldview is centered on healing the whole person which consists of the physiological, psychological, spiritual, and social well-being of people. Simultaneous Action Worldview emphasizes both that internal and external extrinsic factors impact the patient’s state of wellness.


Image result for world view           My personal view is that wellness is more than just good physical health. It’s achieving overall optimum health which includes some necessary components such as a state of balance physically, mentally, and spiritually. My personal nursing view is geared toward a holistic approach to care and therefore, aligns with the Reciprocal Reaction Worldview. Consequently, it does not align with my employer’s worldview.
My employer subscribes more to the Simultaneous Action Worldview. The vision of Chandler Hall is “a vibrant open intergenerational community for people at all stages of life.” Also, the mission statement is “Together, transforming the experience of aging in the Quaker tradition.” Chandler Hall has promoted an intergenerational environment and they deeply believe this extrinsic factor benefits both the elders and staff. Although, I agree with the impact of intergenerational activities and care. However, this external factor is not beneficial to all residents and staff members. I believe incorporating a holism component would enhance the care at Chandler Hall.


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